How Well Do You Know The CIPPON ACT?

  1. — (1) members of the council to keep themselves informed of the matter of:

(a) The instructions given at approved institutions to persons attending approved curses of training: and

(b) The examination as a result of which approved qualifications are granted and for the purpose of performing that duty, the council may appoint, either from among its own members or otherwise, persons to visit approved institutions or attend such examinations.

(2) The person appointed under subsection (1) of this section to report to the council on:

(a) The adequacy of the instructions given to persons attending approved courses of training at institutions visited by him.

(b) The adequacy of the examination attended by him.

(c) any other matter relating to the instructions or examinations on which the council may either generally or in a particular case, request him to report, but no such persons shall interfere with the giving of any instruction or the holding of any examination.

(3) On receiving a report made in pursuance of this section, the council may, if it thinks fit, and shall, if so required by the institute, send a copy of the report to the person appearing to the council to be in charge of the institution or responsible for the examinations to which the report relates, requesting that person to make representation to the council within such period as may be specified in the request.

  1. — (1) there shall be established a tribunal to be known as the printing practitioners’ Disciplinary Tribunal (hereafter in this Act referred to as “the Disciplinary Tribunal”), which shall be charged with the duty of considering and determining any case referred to it by the investigating panel established under subsection (3) of this section, and any other case of which the Disciplinary Tribunal has cognizance under this Act.

(2) Disciplinary Tribunal shall consist of the 1st vice-president of the council and six other non-members of the council appointed by the council.

(3) There shall be a body to be known as Chartered Institute of Professional Printers Investigating Panel (in this Act referred to as “the panel”), which shall be charged with the duty of:

(a) Conducting a preliminary investigation into any case where it is alleged that a person registered has misbehaved in his capacity as a professional printer, or should for any reason be the subject of proceedings before the tribunal; and deciding whether the case should be referred to the Tribunal.

(4) The panel shall be appointed by the council and shall consist of seven members thereof.

(5) The provision of second schedule to this Act shall, so far as applicable to the Tribunal and the panel respectively, have effect with respect to those bodies.

(6) The council may make rules not inconsistence with this Act as what constitute professional misconduct.