Knocks have continued to greet the completion of one year in office of the President Buhari led Federal Government as Comrade Anslem Onogholo, Chairman, Ovia North East Local Government chapter of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has called on the leaders to play a more productive leadership role to the people.

‘Ansy’ as he is fondly called by pals also observed that for the past one year of the All Progressive Congress (APC) take-over of the government at the centre, there was nothing to show to the people, possibly as a reward for their electoral mandate given to the then opposition party.

He also noted that though the Buhari led administration was seemingly look focus on her agenda for the people, it is key for the government to very closely to the excruciating pains suffered by the people and work towards salvaging same so as to retain the trust of the people that was overwhelmingly reposed on them.

The NYCN boss spoke with PRINTERS DIGEST Editor Samuel Nwaekwu in an interview. Accordingly to him, “Buhari first may have done the needful by presenting a budget of change in December last year. But i must tell you that the buzz that came with that presentation faded away as soon as we had the issues and dramas in the name of padding. Government or leadership is not just about doing the needful, it is about doing the right thing and doing it right at the right time”.

“I can tell you in all honesty that the budget as initially presented fell below expectations. Going by the message of CHANGE, Nigerians expected Mr. President to run government at less cost, especially on recurrent expenditures. But the 2016 budget was so alarming that money appropriated for the running of Aso Rock was higher than that of Goodluck Jonathan’s era”. He added.

Speaking on the current economic situation of the country and the near lack of “basic amenities,” the NYCN boss said, the success of small businesses depends largely on availability of such amenities like electricity, good road and road network, good exchange rates and monetary policies, water among others. But it appears our government is helpless in this regards. Even if the small business owners now have to depend on alternative source of power or generating sets, the question is, how do they get gas/fuel to keep their business running? It’s so pathetic”.

“For me as an individual, one question I seek answers to still is “does the Nigerian government have plans to assist the business sector? The recent hike in petrol does not even justify because we have heard opposing reasons from the same presidency. Our leaders must learn to communicate effectively and truthfully to the people they are leading to ward off curiosity and sentiments. If using what we have is going to meet our needs as a nation, then they must be effectively utilized”, he added.