The Data and analytics company, Facebook Conversions API and Terragon is set to hold a webinar aimed at highlighting the imminent threat the death of third-party cookies poses to the digital advertising ecosystem, specifically as it relates to African brands and digital advertising agencies.

Along with industry experts from PwC and Facebook, they will be proffering effective solutions to help brands thrive despite the impending event.

The company noted in a statement that the third-party cookies will be completely phased out, which would be problematic for advertisers largely reliant on them to successfully deliver, track and attribute personalised advertising.

Facebook listed Terragon as a partner for this solution in Africa, allowing African brands and agencies to use Terragon Customer Data Platform as an additional activation channel to run Facebook ads.

The Vice President, Marketing and Strategy at Terragon, Osarugue Awani, said the webinar highlighted the solutions brands could test, fine tune and adopt for effective customer engagements, better campaign performance and Return on Advertising Spend, in spite of the absence of third-party cookies.

She said, “As the only African-founded CDP partner for the Conversions API, it is important for us to strive for innovation and to always be at the forefront of industry trends in order to help brands and advert agencies in Africa get ahead of the curve in customer engagements.

“The Facebook Conversions API complements the other activation channels available on our CDP and enable brands connect to with their customers via the world’s largest social media platform- Facebook.”

Speakers at the event were- Product Marketing and Partnerships Manager at Facebook, Emily Wilson and Marketing Strategy Consultant at PwC, Chris Humphrey.

The webinar was titled ‘Online advertising in a post-cooking world: Delivering personalised ads with the Terragon CDP and Facebook Conversions API’, took place on Thursday.