Get Yourself Acquainted with the CIPPON ACT

Have you been getting yourself acquainted with the CIPPON ACT as a professional printer? Here we continue with the series of getting you acquainted with the ACT.

15. —- (1) The institute may, subject to the provisions of this Act and the conditions of any trust created in respect of any property, invest all or any of its funds in any security prescribed by the Trustee Investments Act or such other security prescribed by the trustee Investments Act or in such other securities as may, from time to time, be approved by the Council.

(2) The institute shall be exempted from the payment of income tax on any income accruing from investment made by the council for the institute or otherwise howsoever.

16. Any sum of money which may by the judgment of any court be awarded against the Institute shall, subject to any direction given by the court where notice of appeal against the judgment has been given, be paid from the fund of the institute.