Ramzi Debs is a Director of Skysat Technologies Limited, a one stop shop for all digital printing and office machine solutions in Nigeria. In this interview with PRINTERS DIGEST Editor Samuel Nwaekwu and Reporter Emmanuel Osere, he said the company was poised for the very best when it comes to giving shape to ideas. Exceprt:

Skysat Technologies is better known to deal with digital printing machines that handles short print run jobs. Can you take us through your product range and services?

Skysat Technologies is not just for digital printing machines alone. For avoidance of doubt, our company is focused on giving Nigeria a total solution or better say, bring to the door post of every Nigerian the needed solutions that can help them handle their small volume jobs irrespective of specifications and I know that Skysat is now in a position to offer our customers solutions from the smallest office or home printer for as low as N25,000 or N30,000 all the way through to office machines that can be networked for banks or corporate organization; insurance company and so on to label machines that are meant to print labels for super markets to small commercial print shop machines that are quite visible in areas like Shomolu and other print market to larger printing presses that are used in professional printing presses on commercial print shop and so on. To a very large extent, we provide printing presses that can used at ASUU, INEC or at Nigeria customs service to print very needed volume of jobs all the way to large format printers meant for architecture engineering designs and so on. In essence, Skysat Technologies have a solution for every possible print scenario and this is our policy – we want to provide a solution not only the hardware, the hardware in combination to the software that will provide a digital solution for any type of organization in Nigeria from the smallest one to the largest one.

Skysat Technologies practically deals on digital machines and back here in Nigeria, we have this issues of poor electricity. How well will you advise on this unfriendly situation?

Off course our environment, that is the printing environment, is extremely tough compare to any other environment in the world. As an organizational policy, we ensure that before any machine is installed for a customer, we highly recommend to customers that he or she installs a UPS. In fact, before we supply any machine to any customer, there is something called the site survey where our team of engineers will go and survey the site of the customer, take a critical look at the whole environment including the building type, look at the voltage and the electric panel work, look at the generators, look at the voltage coming out from the generator etc. Note that we will not install the machine if environment is not conducive for that equipment because everything it has to be in line with the machine specifications. Environment not only means power, it also means temperature, dust and other issues but off course I mean if power improve this would significantly increase our business. But right now every business owner in Nigeria needs to buy a generator there is no denying about that.

Your latest brand of machines is the c-71cf label printer. What is key about this new line of press?

Recall I told you Skysat Technologies is committed to providing that complete solution to the Nigeria print market. The latest edition to our line of business is the c-71cf label printer and as you rightly named. The press is one of the first in the world digital label printer. It is meant for short run label printing variable data and an example will be the small pharmaceutical companies that want to produce 10,000 labels a month, label for wine bottles etc and we have so many different applications where there is really a personalization of labels companies that need labels in the short print run volume.