KODAK SONORA X Process-Free Plates: A win-win-win for most offset printers.

The FC Group- authorised Kodak’s reseller to West Africa has reinforced her commitment to helping printers profitably grow their business while equipping them for the future with new technology.

In a statement made available by FC Group, it states that the firm is bringing environmental and cost benefits of process free platemaking to more printers than ever before. “SONORA X Plates has run lengths, imaging speeds, resolutions, and handling capabilities that match most unbaked processed plates and can be used by up to 80% of offset printers”.

According to John O’Grady, President of Kodak’s Print Systems Division says “At Kodak we believe that sustainable printing provides the critical foundation for bolstering business success and each of this year’s SONORA Green Leaf Award winners are once again exemplary examples of how to put this practice in action. The specific outcomes that each of these printers yields from incorporating more eco-friendly actions into their whole business are quite tangible, from reduced operating costs to measurable increases in key performance metrics that benefit their customers.” He said